Job Doesburg, 2022

Job Doesburg

Master student Cyber Security, based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Contact details


  • Master Cyber Security (TRU/e) current
    Radboud University Nijmegen &
    Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Bachelor Computing Science
    Radboud University Nijmegen
    Graduated cum laude


  • Freelance (web)developer
    Good Job
  • Teaching assistant
    Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Administrative assistant
    VOF Doesburg


About me

As a 24-year-old student, studying Cyber Security at the Radboud University, I am interested in all things related to security, privacy and technology in general. I am also very interested in the intersection of these topics with law, politics, ethics, and how technology is used in society. Though specialized in Cyber Security, I consider myself to be an all-round computer scientist with knowledge of many fields. I have a minor in Artificial Intelligence and followed extra courses in the fields of Criminology, Information Sciences and System Development Management.

Apart from my studies, I've always been an active student in numerous ways: in various student associations, organizing events, as a teaching assistant and several other side jobs, and more. As an example, I've been 'CEO' of the (virtual) software-internship company GiPHouse, guiding students through their first experiences with real-life software engineering and working in a real company. Besides that, I have a lot of experience with graphic design. I am also a freelance web developer, and I am always working on a few (hobby) projects.

Whenever I find the time (and guests) for it, I like cooking a lot. I also play rugby (front row) at NSRV Obelix and like to go to the gym (or even go for an occasional run).



  • Python: 90%
  • Java: 60%
  • Kotlin: 60%
  • C++: 40%
  • JavaScript: 60%
  • TypeScript: 60%
  • Scala: 40%
  • LaTeX: 70%


  • Django: 80%
  • Bootstrap: 95%
  • Vue.js: 40%
  • Git: 90%
  • Docker: 70%
  • InDesign: 95%
  • Illustrator: 70%
  • Photoshop: 40%


  • TOSTI logo T.O.S.T.I
    Order-system and music player
  • Thalia logo Concrexit
    Website for study association Thalia
  • Thadmin logo Thadmin
    Point-of-Sale console for custom payment system
  • Sagexit logo Sagexit
    Reservation system with SAML
  • Thadmin logo BAPC-infra
    Infrastructure for ACM/ICPC-style programming contests
  • Landolfio logo Landolfio
    Inventory management system
  • GiPHouse logo PUC-admin
    CRM system for the RU Pre-University College
  • Sagexit logo MobilIT website
    UI/UX design for MobilIT conference
  • GiPHouse logo Weblecture control
    Management system for various AV control systems
  • GiPHouse logo GiPHouse website
    CRM system for GiPHouse
  • RDE prototype
    Multiple libraries for Remote Document Encryption
  • Django easy admin object actions
    Django app to easily add actions to an object's admin change form
  • Django admin multi-select filter
    Django admin filter for multiple select
  • Django Moneybird alpha
    Django integration with Moneybird